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What To Bring on Your Charter Fishing Trip

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What To Bring

Washington State fishing license and punch card if fishing for halibut or salmon.
Gratuity of 15-20% for the captain and crew is standard in the industry.
Rain gear and rubber boots, it is a bloody mess on the boat and the rain gear is not just for the rain. We have raw water for rinsing off the blood and gore. Please be courteous and rinse off yourself before reentering the cabin.
Food/Drink/Alcohol. We will have a cooler for your food and drink, please do not bring coolers on the vessel, space is limited. We will have water and snacks for our guests.
Cooler for your catch. Don't forget to bring a cooler for your catch at the end of the day. Please leave it in your vehicle until we get back to the dock.
Alcohol. Alcohol is fine on the boat. But please don't be, 'THAT GUY'. No one likes to be trapped on a boat all day with an obnoxious drunk. If you do bring beer, no glass bottles!
Seasick Solutions, please take precautions before departure. If you are prone to motion sickness, Bonine, Dramamine or the patch work well for most. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Drugs, Marijuana is illegal in federal waters and enforced by the coast guard.
Glass bottles
Ice chest, we will have room for your food and drink on the boat.
GPS devices, guns, drugs, mouth breathers or window lickers.

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